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Brand, Data Acquisition and Communication Strategies


D-Link Canada
Global hardware company D-Link Networks has built its name in North America as a strong consumer brand. Two years ago Nick Tidd joined their executive team and the North American business has branched off to building new B2B market verticals; healthcare, education, business, retail, along with new strategies to strengthen their channel partners. Kaleidoscope has been an integrated marketing and PR partner for D-Link for almost two years.


Communicating to new verticals; Healthcare, Education, Mid-Enterprise Business, Retail, Channel Marketing D-Link’s agency search criteria and selection included a firm with experience in and knowledge of various B2B environments and one that can creatively take its brand and strategically position it within the various verticals. The agency needed to off era mix of strategic and creative and have sales and business savvy to develop communications that attract both the executive and technology decision makers and provide insight at their level and industry interest.



The communications plan included e-newsletters, call centre messaging, surveys, related whitepapers and channel focused sell sheets. Each held the D-Link core brand and each business vertical was designed with a unique change within the header and was colour specific by vertical. An outbound calling campaign was developed by the Kaleidoscope data intelligence team that included data acquisition as well as a survey to identify brand recognition within the healthcare industry which was the pilot program.


By having a successful data acquisition campaign, Kaleidoscope injected new business and technology decision makers in their targeted vertical markets. 95% of the new data acquired was the primary market focus and findings were that this group was unaware of D-Link in their industry, including the value they could provide to their industry. A post newsletter, survey and whitepaper dissemination campaign will be delivered in partnership; client and agency partnership that includes both ongoing communications and call-down campaign.
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