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Creating a unique sub-brand while maintaining adherence to the ScotiaMcLeod brand


The Jarvis Group – Investment team at ScotiaMcLeod


Craig Jarvis heads up a team of professionals focusing on High Net Worth individuals. He is associated with ScotiaMcLeod but wanted to differentiate himself in this highly competitive marketplace. The Jarvis Group required a more dominant presence in the financial services industry. Their focus was to utilize the latest methodology in their marketing strategy, specifically the incorporation of new media into their business practices. The Jarvis Group wanted the message of their holistic approach to resonate within the industry.



Upon completing a comprehensive examination of the Jarvis Group’s needs, Kaleidoscope created a plan to build the Jarvis Group’s brand identity while incorporating a variety of new media into their business practices. Solutions included the polishing of the sub-brand through the development of a new logo under the powerful brand ScotiaMcLeod, creating new outlets for their clients to reach the Jarvis Group, the creation of a more “personal” look and feel to the brand, increasing the holistic value of the Jarvis Group within their printed and electronic media, and increasing the overall reach the Jarvis Group has, through the utilization of new media, to both clients and potential clients alike.


Kaleidoscope set forth in motion a series of events that included the development of a new logo, copywriting and design of a printed brochure and the development of two brand new websites. The Jarvis Group needed a logo that would incorporate subtle details of their existing brand and encompass their business philosophy while making a bold impact in the financial services industry. To appeal to the Jarvis Group’s client base as well as reinforce a strong brand, Kaleidoscope added a very personal look and feel to the brochure through the addition of some powerful imagery and subtle text choices.


Jarvis Group has continued to grow. Client updates the website with reports using the content management tool.
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