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Building a program for Investment and Insurance Advisors (Agency-of-Record)


Open Access Ltd.


Open Access Limited is a leading independent Group Retirement Company in Canada. They are battling market share with companies such as Sun Life and Manulife. Strategically, they decided that they needed to sell their retirements products through insurance and investment advisors but had no relationships with them.



Kaleidoscope leveraged the experience it had in developing advisor programs. We created multiple resources that supported the advisor in building their business, increase their revenue while maintaining ownership of the client with the least amount of work.


Kaleidoscope created a series of tools designed specifically for the advisor. An Advisor sales kit was developed which included business building tools and an advisor-only microsite. The microsite was not easily accessible by the public and was designed to be easy to navigate. The navigation focused on the value proposition that Open Access delivered to advisors.

The launch of the site was supported by a print and online ad campaign in Advisorís Edge, highlighting the benefits of taking another look at group plans. IN addition we producing internal communications for the sales team to support their efforts in attracting advisors.

In addition, postcards and a brochure were developed for use at trade shows and industry events.


For the month of August, the Open Access campaign with Advisors Edge had the highest click through rate. Awareness is steadily increasing in the industry.
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