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Open Access Ltd. – Group Retirement Plans for Canadians (Agency-of-Record)


Open Access Limited is a leading independent Group Retirement Company in Canada. They are battling market share with companies such as Sun Life and Manulife. The company hired Kaleidoscope to develop a revitalized strategy that repositioned brand, created a stronger visual representation of their value proposition and flexible sales collateral that could be used for different segments of Clients.



Kaleidoscope worked with Open Access to segment their market and then developed sales materials for each of their primary target groups: Advisors, Plan Members and Plan Sponsors. We worked within the Client’s budget to develop a corporate folder, a generic thank you card and a series of informative, attractive sell sheets targeted to each market. The sell sheets can be used in any combination with the folder to further target specific individuals within each segment or as standalone handouts. Brochures, Public Relations and Advertising campaign is in progress.


Kaleidoscope also developed one generic parent sheet for each segment that was added to the general print run. The parent sheets can be used for items such as RFP covers, reports and internal newsletters and can be used in the Client’s laser printer. A set of generic Word templates containing each header enables the Client to disseminate information electronically, or to publish material in shorter print runs. The entire series was printed on 100 lb. Hannoart Silk stock so Client could run it through their printer and personalize the communications

An Advisor sales kit was developed which included business building tools and an advisor-only microsite. The launch of the site was supported by a print and online ad campaign in Advisor’s Edge, highlighting the benefits of taking another look at group plans.


The revitalized sales package enables Open Access to quickly create customized sales materials for their Clients without costly reprints or frequent print runs. The revitalized brand communicates a clear value proposition to each group and the sales package can easily be expanded and added to as the need arises.
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