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Cooking Up Compliance Solutions Creating Relationships with Senior Executives


The Financial Services Enterprise division of Microsoft Canada


The Enterprise division of financial services had many contacts at the technology level but few with senior business decision makers. They needed to first, determine who these people were and, secondly, provide an opportunity or environment for their sales team to develop these relationships. The event needed to be unique and relevant enough to convince senior executives that it was worth their time.



Understanding that compliance challenges are keeping senior executives awake at night, we created an event that combined compliance information with a unique intimate evening. We built a database of potential attendees and created a very personal experience for them. Knowing that this target market is a challenge to get to external events, we made it by "invitation only" and very relevant. There had to be an incentive for them to attend while keeping the "sales pitch" image at bay. A unique brand was developed for the event labeled, "Cooking Up Compliance Solutions". It was developed with flexibility in mind so that Microsoft could leverage the event across multiple industries.


In order to increase the effectiveness of the campaign, personalized invitations were created and attached to a wooden spoon. Personal phone calls were made to key individuals inviting them to attend. At the event, the Cooking Up Compliance Solutions brand was leveraged across presentations, aprons, name badges, signage, menu covers and gift items.


By having a successful data acquisition campaign, Kaleidoscope was able to get the right people to attend the event, including many Chief Compliance Officers. 75% of attendees had no previous contacts or relationships at Microsoft. To date, 80% of attendees have requested follow-up meetings to discuss their compliance challenges. Within 4 months, 14 opportunities have been optimized totalling over $3.1M, delivering an enviable ROI of over 5:1.

NOTE: Kaleidoscope is a Microsoft-accredited agency. We also delivered this program for the Telecom, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, and Oil & Gas divisions of Microsoft.

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