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Creating a Showcase of Innovation – Connecting Technology and Solutions to Telecom Executives. Delivering a complete look, with connectivity and testing, in under 60 minutes.


The Communications Enterprise division of Microsoft Canada promotes comprehensive solutions to the media and entertainment, communications and digital TV industries.


Over the past 3 years, Microsoft has increased its profile in the telecom industry - in part, by leveraging the cocktail sponsorship at the Telecom Summit - Canada's only conference dedicated to executives in the communications industry. This is an event that routinely attracts all the major players of the industry and is an excellent opportunity to showcase Microsoft products and how they can help carriers deliver more innovative products and increase their revenue. They also needed to create leads for their sales team so that this awareness translated into ROI. Due to the space being used for a coffee break, we only had 60 minutes to set up all furniture, connect and test all technology in preparation for the 5:30 reception.



Kaleidoscope negotiated the first day of the Summit's cocktail reception sponsorship because we know that all the senior players attend the first day and stay for the reception. We wanted to communicate Microsoft's vision of the connected home - communicating that consumers can enjoy their media when and where they choose. We wanted to provide a platform that allows the sales team an opportunity to meet and discuss business opportunities with key decision makers. Bringing together 17 product managers, 3 external partners and multiple pieces of hardware and software, Kaleidoscope created the "Microsoft Connected Home".


We liaised with all product managers, Microsoft evangelists, Microsoft partners Polycom, Ford and Samsung to create 5 rooms that showcased the connected home concept.

Rooms in the Connected Home:
  • Living Room: including Microsoft MediaRoom, MediaCentre Home Server, x-box, Samsung smart phone, Windows 7 operating system (Beta); showcasing the ability to use your home server to access video, digital TV, phone content via Windows Mobile
  • Den: showcasing Surface, an interactive touch-screen table
  • Bedroom: a teenagers bedroom, presenting Windows Live, MSN, social Media network -Facebook, Netbook, Silverlight, Zune, Office, connecting video cams, netbooks and gaming
  • Home Office: highlighting the IPTV, 360 Degree Teleconferencing and Unified Communications, Office Suite 2010 (Beta), Windows 7
  • Garage: Sync Ford car in the reception area
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Each room included technology that is not yet public so created challenges to connect. Kaleidoscope managed all logistics including technical set-up, power, connectivity, décor and staffing. To increase the challenges, we had 1 hour in the room to set everything up. We set up a pre-staging area so that all connectivity could be tested ahead of time and, working to a very detailed time schedule, moved everything into place, working around the caterers, to create the look in 55 minutes.


Phil Sorgun, President of Microsoft Canada said he was "very impressed" with not only the final results but also the level of planning and organization required to coordinate so many technologies, many of them Beta and untested, so that everything worked together properly. Our immediate client was very pleased and the feedback from the audience as well as conference organizers was positive.