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Lead Generation and Database Development


Microsoft Canada (Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Telecom Divisions)


The enterprise divisions of Telecom and Financial Services at Microsoft had a solid database of technology contacts in the telecom and financial services sectors but with very few business decision-makers. Additionally, the few contacts that did exist in the database had not been confirmed and Microsoft was unsure of the validity. They planned to develop an educational series for compliance and required key decision makers and influencers to be at the table. In order to send out invitations to this target group; they also needed to have specific permission to contact in order to be legally in accordance with PIPEDA regulations in North America.



Kaleidoscope had Microsoft download the current contacts and also retrieved the contact lists of the sales teams. A profile was developed that included director level and up as well as decision makers and flagged influencers. We merged the databases and purged the duplicates and contacts that were not of the segment profile. In order to ensure that the capturing of data was complied in a format that was compliant with Microsoft’s requirements, Kaleidoscope developed a process document outlining how the data was captured, the methodology for adding new data and the process for ensuring permissions for future communications was granted. This process was reviewed and approved by Microsoft Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer


Kaleidoscope’s call centre team began phase one with a high level understanding of the target group so that they could address any questions knowledgably. Data was complied through multiple sources and was confirmed with outbound phone calls. If there was no response after 3 attempts, an email form was used to gain information. Permissions were granted (or denied) and recorded. The final data was compiled into a data summery sheet which indicated confirmed information and new contacts. Select data was input into the upload template provided by Microsoft for uploading into Siebel.


TThe number of business decision-makers for Financial Services database was increased by over 400%. Approximately 75% of the initial Telecom contacts were inaccurate; Kaleidoscope updated the information and doubled the database with new relevant contacts at senior levels. Currently, all contact information from events is added to the database and a quarterly review updating existing information is in progress. The database process developed by Kaleidoscope is used across Microsoft Canada for data collection.

NOTE: Kaleidoscope is a Microsoft-accredited agency.

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