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Building Senior-Level Relationships


Microsoft Canada (Financial Services) with Avanade and Accenture


The Financial Service team wanted to promote their Business Intelligence and High Performance Computing solutions to senior-level decision-makers in the Financial Services Industry. A database of the target audience needed to be developed with a goal of 30 senior executives.



In order to attract the target audience to attend, Kaleidoscope needed to create a unique experience. We conceived of a BI and Beer concept that included relevant visionary presentations as well as a social part of the evening. Working with Accenture and Avanade, we ensured that the presentations were relevant and not a sales pitch. We brought in the “Professor of Beer” to discuss beer and food pairings – including beer with chocolate cake.  The evening also included a tour of SteamWhistle’s facility. Invitations were personalized and tucked into a SteamWhistle bottle, It encourage them to invite other senior executives, a guest ticket in the shape of a beer coaster was included.


Kaleidoscope augmented Microsoft’s database to build a resource from which to send personalized invites. An HTML invite was also developed for follow up. Our team managed all logistics, including AV, signage and food. RSVP calls were done to ensure attendance and confirm food allergies, guest names etc.

The event was recorded so that the presentations could be sent as a follow-up to those who were unable to attend.


The event was considered so successful that it was done with the following topics: High Performance Computing, Compliance, Business Intelligence, BI in the Retail space and Media & Entertainment. Currently 4 opportunities worth over $250,000 are being negotiated.

NOTE: Kaleidoscope is a Microsoft-accredited agency.

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