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A Team Appreciation Dinner


MSN Canada


MSN Canada asked Kaleidoscope to organise a year-end thank you dinner for its internal marketing team, PR agency, and external marketing agency. The venue had to be upmarket, fun and intimate, and in a convenient location. A private room, or the entire restaurant, was a prerequisite. The menu had to cater for a variety of restrictions. Thank you tokens were to be distributed to the group at the event.



Kaleidoscope identified and inspected 8 venues. From the 8, we short listed 4 venues spanning a price range that we knew the client would love. Consideration when choosing was given to: private room availability, location, quality of menu, price, availability, reputation, and the “wow” factor upon inspection. We were fully confident that any of the 4 would give our client a hugely successful event.
A list of gifts, as a token of appreciation, across a price range, was compiled and presented to the client. Items included: watches, leather bags, and gift certificates.


A venue was chosen from the short list and Kaleidoscope went on to coordinate the evening, planning menus, bar arrangements, and providing all the information for the evening to the client to pass on to invitees. The chosen wine list was sent to the hostess in advance for the client, a wine connoisseur, to approve. During the event, a Kaleidoscope representative was in contact with the hostess to manage all logistics. Kaleidoscope was billed directly so that the client did not have to be involved in this aspect of the evening.
Kaleidoscope sourced the gifts, packaged them individually in colour coordinated wrapping, and shipped them to the client ready to place on the table on the night.


The client was very happy with the event:

“Everything was excellent. Thanks! The Gift Certs were a big hit – food was great!”
Jodi Kasten, Director Marketing, MSN
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