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Investment Executive


In 2005, a technology survey undertaken by Investment Executive indicated that advisors were under-utilizing the technology tools they already possessed. Based on the results, IE launched the Office of Tomorrow (OTX) Expo - designed to empower corporations, advisors and assistants to leverage technology to build their business. For the second annual OTX conference in 2006, IE wanted to reposition the conference from Advisor Tech Expo to increase enterprise-level participation. Our challenge was to modify the brand and attract a wider enterprise level audience, while maintaining the existing Advisor and Assistant base.



Kaleidoscope renamed and rebranded the conference - Office of Tomorrow Expo (OTX). A logo, new tagline "Get Wired and Connected" and ad campaign were developed. Three target audiences were identified, each with specific needs and motivations for attending the conference. All were interested in technology innovation and how they could incorporate technology to make their business more efficient and profitable. Kaleidoscope developed specific messages for each target market - including strategy, value proposition, goal and messaging. Individual promotions were also developed for each market. Communications at the enterprise level were personalized to increase attendance.
  • Enterprise wanted to determine new technologies to assist in making their organization more competitive, and to provide tools to their constituents to deliver an upper hand and increase customer retention.
  • Advisors were interested to find technologies that would provide better, faster, more customized information to their clients, resulting in a more profitable book of business, and
  • Assistants were interested in how to streamline labour intensive tasks to become more productive and effective.


Kaleidoscope developed a series of 3 full page print ads, plus a sponsor appreciation ad, black and white teaser ads, banner ads for the IE website were developed, each designed as "touchpoints" for these key groups.


Attendees at this hugely successful event came away with innovative technical knowledge and tools that could immediately be put to use to increase business results. The ad campaign ran for a period of 6 months prior to the event and resulted in the event being sold-out, with over 580 attendees at the conference.
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