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Building Senior-Level Relationships, Creating a Brand and Collatoral Material


Hanco Enterprises and Technologies


Bringing a midsize technology firm to new heights within a competitive arena was the business goal and Kaleidoscope was mandated to deliver an intelligent, savvy brand. The Hanco Enterprise arm offers outsourcing services to companies with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and AM (Asset Management) systems, to install, upgrade or train employees. Hanco had an ongoing client list in the area of ERP, however wanted to expand its image and its service offering once they began offering RF solutions through the Technologies division. Through a word-of-mouth reference Kaleidoscope was contacted and commissioned to fulfill the brand and marketing needs of the firm.



Beginning with the marketing plan that included economic forecasts, competitive review, SWOT analysis, internal process and procedures, and strategic initiatives, Kaleidoscope developed a 2-3 year rollout plan. We created a corporate brand that integrated the two divisions and positioned them as complimentary solutions to current and potential Clients.

Introducing a concept of personalized barcode systems to meet the needs of ERP and AM software platforms has become an increasingly growing and competitive area of business. The creation of their tagline for Hanco Enterprises - Knowledge beyond Technology™ - positioned themselves competitively in the marketplace. Supporting the service offering, these three words conveyed an edge, not only in technology, but also in Client services. The Hanco Technologies tagline – Maximizing Business Solutions™ - was product-focused. This brand position displays an exceptional image.


Once the strategy and brand development were complete, the Kaleidoscope team continued to build the brand personality through a variety of initiatives such as, brochures, tradeshow material, magazine ads, posters, software packaging, training manuals, and website development. As well, Kaleidoscope provided an internal Client service system that was easy for staff to adopt and streamlined the invoicing process efficiently.


Hanco was able to expand business in the North American markets, against competitors who were larger. Their team of experts provided the solid affirmation of their support to the brand promise. A Client satisfaction survey was performed which reflected an increase in Client satisfaction level in the area of service.
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