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Creating a Dual Website


Hanco Enterprises and Technologies


Hanco Enterprises offers outsourcing services to companies with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and AM (Asset Management) systems, to install, upgrade or train. The Technologies division specializes in RF (Radio Frequency) solutions. They wanted to expand their image and service offerings to the industry. Kaleidoscope developed the marketing plan and the brand and then focused on the Web site. The challenge was how to incorporate two lines of business; Hanco Enterprises and Technologies into a Website that would position both firms equally.



By reinforcing the focus on the brand, the Web site was planned to reflect Hanco’s value propositions. Each brand had their own distinct look, including tagline; Hanco Enterprises - Knowledge beyond Technology™ and Hanco Technologies – Maximizing Business Solutions™. The overall look of each site would be uniform; however, they were created with a unique brand look and feel, including distinct colour palates. Visuals were strategically chosen to reflect exceptional service and diversity. Both sites were positioned to meet the interest and needs of a highly technical B2B audience. We focused on developing a mini community by creating two sites within one. The purpose of this was to convey a large service and product offering through two distinct companies. The plan reinforced the need to heavily focus on exceptional customer service for the Enterprises’ area of the site and extensive product focus for the Technologies’ portion of the site.


Although each site was developed individually with distinct home pages, there was a common navigation and a positive user experience. Each home page included a link to the other. Throughout the site, where appropriate, links between the two lines of business was highlighted. The user could easily link from area to area enhancing their experience and allowing them to control the amount of information they wanted to see by area of interest. The content was developed as an industry leading resource for information and service support. Before going live we created a Beta site and were able to get feedback from our core audience then tweaking the site flow and information accordingly. We knew that it was important to this group that the site be fast and efficient and that the online relationship was a great platform to continue a solid customer relationship.


Hanco has been able to expand their current and potential customer relationship through these sites. The goal was to continually focus on improving the experience through the use of additional tools. We gathered feedback continuously and modified the site as required, based on this feedback. Because we were able to capture input from our core audience, we have gained by being able to define our focus. As of 2003, monthly traffic has consistently increased at a rate of approximately 10% since going live in 2001.
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