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Using trade advertising to promote the value proposition and drive sales


DealerAccess – automating the car loan process between dealers and lenders. (Agency-of-Record)


DealerAccess is an online portal that connects automotive dealers with lenders. It enables dealers to submit applications online to multiple lenders, capture leads online and pull credit reports. DealerAccess wanted to capture market share, increase awareness and promote their solution to the automotive marketplace. Their current ads did not have strong brand recognition and did not stand out in the publications; typically, ads in the automotive trade publications used images of cars, car parts, roads and other vehicle-related imagery. DealerAccess had many ads previous to Kaleidoscope’s campaign that fit into this category, and blended in with the rest of the auto industry advertising



Kaleidoscope created an ad series that was designed to capture the attention of dealers; we drove the creative to break free from conforming to the auto industry’s standard of advertising and created a campaign that would add value to the company and stand out from the crowd. Kaleidoscope developed a series of “Power Words” that clearly communicated the benefits of their portal over the competition. Visuals of elite athletes were chosen to represent each of these “Power Words” - Fast, Easy, Secure, Flexible, Connected, and Responsive. The athletes were compelling and in motion, strengthening the words with a single strong visual. These ads broke convention, and used activities to replace the obvious images relevant to the industry in which the company does business. The emphasis then became on the single power word and the action that supported it. Additionally, we felt that using people created a more personal connection with the target market and athletes represent motivation, ambition, achievement and excellence.


The tagline created for DealerAccess, in both English and French, was consistent with the ad campaigns and branding developed by Kaleidoscope. “Powering the Deal” was inspired by the company’s business as well as the strong power words communicated in their marketing. The goal was to establish strong brand identity for the company that would be recognized through their logos and ad campaigns. The basic style of the ads was designed to be consistent to maintain the DealerAccess brand identity. Each ad featured bullet points and prominently displayed lender logos. The ads were produced in French and English and have appeared in: Auto Journal, Canadian Auto Dealer, Canadian Auto World, DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc., Year in Review and Used Vehicle Report (Annual publications) and World of Special Finance.


Excellent feedback and strong presence within the industry was acquired as a result of the innovative and strong campaign and brand development. Within six to eight months, more advertisements were emerging in the auto trade publications that resembled the style Kaleidoscope had adopted for the DealerAccess campaign. The result was awareness of DealerAccess in the trade publications, and a shift in the advertising present in these publications as well.
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