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Cervus Financial Group Inc. – Mortgage Bank - Paying Trailer Fees to Brokers


A new innovative mortgage bank, Cervus Financial was launched in 2004 and required an internet strategy that promoted their new brand, products and services. Their value proposition was that all loan applications were processed electronically, using automated underwriting technology. They needed a consumer site that communicated the value of this new bank – getting the best rate without haggling, a broker site, that was password protected and permitted mortgage brokers to access their client’s mortgage loan details and an investor site that delivered press releases and new to pre-determined list.



We developed a strategy that included a 3-part website in French and English. The consumer site provided educational information about choosing a mortgage and also included a database that encouraged consumers to search for a broker in their area. The broker site was password protected and provided access to client documentation such as payroll confirmation and bank account balances, as well as the final mortgage loan documents. The investor relations portion of the site was developed to be updated very quickly as mortgage rates and press releases were modified.


The site was launched early 2005 and was promoted to the industry through the use of e-newsletters and an online contest. We developed ghost articles for consumer publications to increase awareness and drive traffic to the site.


The site has heavy usage and is the tool of choice for mortgage brokers across Canada. In a 2 year period, Cervus Financial has risen from a start-up lender to 12th out of 47 mortgage broker lenders in Canada.

Note: In 2006, Cervus was purchased by Macquarie Financial.

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