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Creating a corporate brand and supporting marketing materials to increase awareness and drive sales


Cervus Financial Group Inc. – Mortgage Bank - Paying Trailer Fees to Brokers (Agency-of-Record)


Cervus Financial Group is a mortgage bank based in Canada. They are entering a competitive market with a new business model that pays trailer fees to mortgage brokers. Their unique value propsition is the “Customer for Life” model whereby the customer is retained by the broker not the financial institution. The name ‘Cervus’ is a play on the word ‘service’ and is latin for stag or male deer. The challenge was to develop a brand that would be conservative enough to inspire confidence in mortgage consumers while being progressive. Given the stag image, we wanted to develop a brand that was not too masculine, adding a graceful tone to the overall brand.



In developing the brand, Kaleidoscope chose the corporate colours to be both soothing and sophisticated. The curve represents the roof of a house, a subtle reminder of the mortgage business. The lowercase font was chosen to be appealing and friendly. The words “Financial Group’ are intentionally small as they will be replaced by other identifiers as the organization expands. The secondary colours of burnt orange and taupe were chosen to compliment the corporate colours without overpowering them. A large part of the collateral and website needed to be educational to communicate the compensation model and support the brokers in the sale to consumers.


The logo was designed to work in full colour, black and white and reverse. Letterhead, business cards, mailing labels and envelopes were printed and internal components, such as fax sheet, electronic letterhead were developed for ease of use and consistency of brand. Collateral materials and web site were developed by Kaleidoscope.


An industry survey was conducted with mortgage brokers and consumers indicated that they found the brand approachable and less formal than the traditional banks. Advisors were very receptive to the compensation model. The materials appealed to both men and women equally and 87% indicated that they would consider approaching Cervus for a mortgage.

Note: In 2006, Cervus was purchased by Macquarie Financial.

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