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Supporting the Mortgage Broker


Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL)


In promoting the AMP designation, CIMBL (now CAAMP) wanted to provide business building tools for AMP members to increase membership by adding value. As this was a new area for them, they were unsure of the tool needed and how to disseminate them across Canada. The mortgage banking industry was suffering as mortgage fraud was on the rise and the media increased focus. Independent mortgage brokers were finding it a challenge to build their business in this environment.



Kaleidoscope knew that mortgage brokers needed to build their referral channel and provide additional information to customers to build peace of mind. Leveraging its experience in building programs for financial advisors, we created a comprehensive program that included materials for consumer, referral partners and tips for mortgage brokers. This was supported by a national advertising campaign targeting consumers. Referral partners included real estate brokers, appraisers, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. Typically, these referral partners had long term relationships with their clients so needed to be comfortable in referring someone.


A kit was developed that included useful materials that supported the mortgage broker in the sale. Kaleidoscope created a referral brochure – “Refer with Confidence” that communicated to referral sources the benefits of referring their clients to a mortgage broker with the AMP designation. The AMP designation could only be obtained through extensive screening and ongoing education including the successful completion of an ethics course. The brochure communicated that an AMP would treat the referrals as valued customers so the referral risk was minimized.

A consumer brochure was developed for use by either the mortgage broker or the referral partner to clearly communicate the value of working with an AMP. All of the components, including the brochures, copies of all ads, posters with detailed production directions were burned on to a CD and mailed once brokers obtained their designation.


CIMBL experienced a 100% increase in AMP designated members. Feedback from the community was that the kits were useful and interactive.
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