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Promoting their National AMP Designation to the Business Community


Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL)


As in all areas within the financial sector, the mortgage industry is evolving, leading to higher standards and accountability by government bodies, business alliances and consumers. CIMBL manages the Accredited AMP designation and wanted to raise the image of professionalism in the industry. Our challenge was to create a high impact program targeting the business community as well as the general public. Ultimately, the goal was to increase the comfort level of average consumer in using mortgage broker. This would, in turn, increase the members seeking the AMP designation.



We needed to build a brand promise to its members as well as consumers around the AMP. As in financial services, the goal was to have consumers only consider working with a designated individual. We developed the tagline that connected the 2 messages – “Think Mortgage. Think AMP”. We wanted a logo that was strong and clean to represent solidity and a foundational feeling. We created messaging documents that were used by senior executives to consistently communicate the AMP message to the press and members.


Brand guidelines and samples of usage were developed and included in the AMP Kit for use by mortgage brokers. In addition, tradeshow booths and a supporting national advertising campaign were developed to promote brand awareness


Launched in 2004, the AMP designation was developed as part of CIMBL’s ongoing commitment to increasing the level of professionalism in Canada’s mortgage industry. As a result of this campaign, 25% of the existing members converted to the AMP designation. Currenlty, CIMBL (now CAAMP), has grown to over 12,000 members and the value of the AMP designation is widely recognized by consumers.
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